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Digital copies from New Line Cinema will not work on Macs and or with iTunes. Usually when loading digital copies from blu-ray sets, they will auto-run and download into iTunes. Every digital copy has worked for me until my first purchase from New Line Cinema.

There is no excuse for omitting support for Apple Macintosh users; as the first digital copy was announced at a Apple event by Fox Studios. This first digital copy works on both PCs and Macs, and is advertised in the same manner as all movies sold with digital copies, and I quote, "includes digital copy."

This is false advertising from New Line Cinema, as they advertise "Digital Copy" as a selling feature along with the blu-ray movie. I demand New Line establish a direct download link for mac users for movies they have purchased from their Studio and or affiliates.

Monetary Loss: $19.

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For clarification that was aimed at "mulch." Though the mention of a PC or Mac on a forum usually sparks these conversations, this is not the place for it guys



I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say thanks for the helpful suggestions. You are the worst kind of person.


wow, another fan-boy :) Good, I'll make this simple. Your OS is *** and Steve Ballmer's a pig. Oh and Dells are fugly and cheap, and I can't make money off a poopy machine now can I?

How much money do you make playing games on your custom-built poopy PC you silly little fan boy? I make a living on my Mac Pro, so I could really care less how much I spent on it. I've already made plenty of money on it, and I'll buy another too. Are you going to stop me? Ha ha, are you trying to talk me into buying a windows based machine? I guess if I did, I'd end up on pissed-consumer a lot more. Funny it's my first time here and it's because a movie studio got lazy and put a windows only executable file on their movie. And the only movie studio thus for to do so.

You know what an .exe file is right? They're the files you have to be careful to open all the time, because of

...wait for's coming….viruses/trojans/malware and…and crappy windows software. Because windows is a w****(rhymes with door)



So you spent twice what a PC costs and got........wait for's coming......................a pc with a hipster OS.

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